Hampton Inn & Suites Amelia Island
Historic Harbor Front

Pressure Washing and Paint
140,000 sqft in 6 weeks
6 Painters
300+ Gallons of Primer
500+ Gallons of Paint
30+ Different Colors

I have known Martin for years through another property I was the Director of Sales at. I recently became the GM for a hotel on Amelia Island and we needing some pressure washing done. Martin came out and did an amazing job. Within a month, we asked him for a bid to re-paint a section of our hotel. Martin and his crew did such an amazing job, that we hired him to paint the entire hotel. We had 3 sections of Brick Façade, that was messed up, after months of dealing with another company and excuses, Martin brought his crew in and did the work and fixed the cracks and leaks throughout the hotel. Anything I needed during the project, Martin was on it without hesitation. He even helped prep the hotel for an inspection since we are down a full maintenance staff. After years of leaks through the building, we are finally water free. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Martin and TWG Painting.